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One-Minute Clean Makeup Routine

Clean Beauty Routine in Casa Marina Hotel Room

November 9, 2023

I’m Amanda.
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“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.”

~Khalil Gibran


My make-up routine is about as simple as it gets because I like to spend less time in front of the mirror and more time living life!

Let us start with what I am not:

  • I am not an influencer,
  • I am not a beauty expert,
  • I am not someone who pursues chemicals: injections, fillers, etc.

What I am: A working, busy mother who loves natural beauty. I am more interested in investing in good, organic food, quality supplements and reflecting “beauty” from the inside out. My makeup routine is in alignment with this belief … and here are the current products I am using:

Tinted Sunscreen 

I use this in the morning as my combination moisturizer and SPF. It is luxurious on your skin, and effective! I truly love the entire MDSolarSciences line and while I’ve tried most of the top brand tinted moisturizers on the market, this is hands down my favorite one. Easy to apply, filled with antioxidants and just enough subtle tint that I feel ready to face the day. 


I have been using Ilia make up for years. Clean products, that come in gorgeous color palates for every possible skin tone. My favorite product of theirs is the lip/cheek tint. I keep one of these in my makeup bag as well as my purse – for whenever I want a touch up. It duals as both a blush and lipstick. My goto color is Tenderly (of note, I have fair skin and this color is the perfect shade for my skin tone). 


For a sun-kissed, organic glow look no further than the Danish skincare brand, Kjaer Weis. Wonderful, clean products that come in the most attractive and luxurious kits. I instantly feel glamorous anytime I slide open my bronzer. As a bonus, you can order a refill – I love any company that is environmentally conscious.  


I’m back with Kajer Weiss here again … for all the reasons above. I do not use concealer everyday. Just when I see sunspots. Otherwise, I truly like to let my skin be free and look, natural. 


I love the Ilia eyeliner and use it with – or without – mascara depending on the day and my mood. Most days I’ll just put a quick line on my eyes (as a liner), curl my lashes and go. 

Thrive is another great (and affordable) skincare/makeup brand. I love their mascara – it goes on easily, never smudges, makes your lashes look like you have extensions, and best of all – it is super easy to take off. All wins in my book. 

Hands down, the #1 thing I do for makeup (besides tinted SPF) – curl your eye lashes. I still have my Shu Uemera eye lash curler from college (I just change out the pad). Instantly lifts your lashes and makes you look bright-eyed and ready to face the world. 


 If you have one product to splurge/opt for a clean product let it be your lipstick. While I highly recommend every product on this post, your lips are the only area where you really come into contact with a product. Think about talking, drinking, kissing your children, etc. You want to make sure your lipstick is a clean product as it is one that you “potentially” slightly ingest or share with others. That is why I stick to Kjaer Weis. Quality products, that last, come in gorgeous color palates, and are safe. I personally wear Honor a slightly pink nude) and will put this on (depending on my look) solo, as is or will layer it with MDSolarSciences lip balm (color Dream). On workdays or beach days I only wear the MDSolarSciences as it has SPF.

Of note, I always start with clean skin. Truthfully, this is where I spend more time and money – cleaning, moisturizing and protecting my skin. I usually start my morning either with some sort of face rolling. My top choices are:

The Skinny Confidential face roller is a cult-classic for a reason, it works. The tool keeps its cool temp (no matter where you store it), and as a bonus, you can put in the fridge to really turn up the chill-factor. I personally just keep it in my bathroom and use it when I want to de-puff, or wake-up!

I will keep this page updated if I make any future changes or additions. I hope you will consider the joy that comes with simplifying your routine and focusing on beauty – not as an external factor, but rather an internal radiance … that gets enhanced with a few clean products. 

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I only share products that I personally own, use and love. 

in good health,
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