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Do you wish there was a colleague, or friend who "got you" and who's advice you could trust? Let me be that resource to you providing evidence-based, real world talk.  

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Clean home, clean life


A family tragedy forced me to take a deep dive into the world of detoxing my house, lifestyle, and diet. As a result, my home became more organized and purposeful and my body purged of toxins; cleansed from the inside out.  I felt balanced and developed a new resiliency to deal with life's stressors. What I learned during the process brought me to a more peaceful, sustainable place, and I have never looked back.  I hold the degrees, and have done the research to provide you with advice you can trust.
Enjoy learning a beautiful, new non-toxic path forward. 

... let's take that first step together towards clean living. 

what i can do for you:

The Blog 

Look no further for research-based, real world advice you can trust. Topics cover everything from nutrition to wellness, parenthood to detoxing your life. 

The Podcast

A fresh perspective, and new voice in the podcasting world. Researched and diverse topics.
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An evidence-based, thoughtfully curated course to provide a health-focused foundation for life. Workbook + 21 day reset included.


The AWH Health Course


Toxic free health tips, because your family deserves the best

Navigating the pregnancy track? Worrying about toxins in your nursery? Curious about how you are going to pump at work? Head over to the AWH blog for all things parent-related ... 
I've got your back, Mama ... and Papa! 

Non-Toxic Nursery Items

New Baby List

How to get your baby to sleep - and get your life back


Plant curious? I've got you covered 

For the past six years I have followed a 90/10 plant-based path and am eager to share tips and suggestions to bring more fiber and plants into your life. I love knowing that I am nourishing myself, and my family, with nutritious meals and look forward to sharing some plant-based goodness with you! 

Plant Based shopping List

Tips for Eating out

Top 5 Plant Based Breakfasts

The AWH Promise

What Makes AWH Different

I walk the walk, and talk the talk. I am a working mother who still practices anesthesia, full-time. I balance being there for my patients, staying healthy for my family, being a present wife and mother,  cooking homemade nutritious meals, and frequent travel.  I am not special, but I have researched, experimented and worked hard to learn how to carve boundaries and balance into my life. 

I am not an influencer.
I get you. I am you. 


It’s never too late
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