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November 28, 2023

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This is a simple post…

  • Purchase the Moms on Call book.
  • Follow the advice, and you (and your baby) will get a good nights rest.

Okay, I know there is a lot more to getting your sweet newborn those precious zzz’s, but this post is dedicated to a method that transformed my parenting experience. While a plethora of resources exist (on the internet and in print) to help you find your new family zen, my recommendation is to read, follow, and enjoy the benefits of the Moms on Call (MOC) method.

I have seen incredible success from the MOC method, in both my own family as well as friends. It has become my #1 tip for new parents, and I feel so strongly that I have shared it with everyone I know, from strangers at the pool, to new parents on the train. Every single person I have shared this technique with have come back with rave reviews.

Disclosure, I do not follow the MOC method 100%. For sleep principles, yes, but I did not purchase everything recommended in the front of the book, nor did I follow the method for eating (our philosophies diverged).

Moms on Call Method

When I started the MOC sleep method we had a sleeping baby from 7p-7a starting the first night. It can take a grace period of ~3 nights to get both baby (and worrying parents) on board,  however we found success day one. Some might say this was luck, however I disagree. I put my own preconceptions aside and trusted the process by trusting my baby. I recognized that teaching my baby how to sleep is the same as teaching her any new skill, such as brushing her teeth, holding a fork, or putting on clothes.

As a bonus, getting those few hours back in the evening was a game-changer. To be able to connect with my husband, to unwind, to clean, to do whatever work needed to be tackled. Priceless!

Crib at Enchantment Resort

Fast asleep at Enchantment Resort, Sedona

Work/Life Benefits

I credit the method with helping me to balance postpartum hormones and reenter the workforce. We established a set nap/sleep schedule that allowed my husband and I to plan our days, and nights (with good predicability) around our daughter’s sleep schedule. Her body got to anticipate when rest was coming and we could book life’s logistics efficiently.

Sleep is paramount to good health and healthy sleep patterns, even in infancy, can make a world of difference. I have worked hard to cultivate positive sleep habits in my own life, and likewise feel it is my duty as a mother, from day one, to instill proper sleep habits in my child.

Any parent wants to ensure their child is properly nourished, clothed, and that all needs are being met – why not gift your child what I would consider the most important skill, how to develop healthy sleep habits. A skill they can take into adulthood.

Sleep Items

Sleep sacks we used: Baby DeeDee

Sound machine: LectroFan (brown noice)

Must have book bundle: Mom’s On Call 

MOC Consultant

I ended up using a MOC consultant to help us with some specific needs. Emily from Infant Basics and Toddler Training was phenomenal. I cannot recommend her enough. Patient, kind, and she provided all the resources I needed for our personal situation. Plus, the entire process was virtual, so no excuse to not engage her services if so inclined.

Final note, if you are expecting a second, or third, or more it is never too late to implement the MOC method. They have clear instructions for families no matter what stage of life they are in – from multiples, to welcoming a second, etc.

Here is to happy sleeping – for parents and baby!

Greenbrier cabana

Cabana life at the Greenbrier, courtesy of a solid sleep schedule and sleeping baby

in good health,
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