Full Moon: Truth or Myth

Full moon

March 23, 2024

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Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the Moon.

~Paul Brandt

It was not until my mid-30’s that I realized the impact of the moon cycles on my mood, my energy levels, my emotions, and my sleep. Most modern research minimizes the impact the the full moon has on either animal or human behavior. However, as a former ICU nurse, I beg to differ. Full moons traditionally cause intense mood swings in patients, an anecdotal fact that most of my hospital colleagues would agree upon. Similarly, if you have children, pay attention to certain times of month – and you may notice more restless night’s sleep in your children occur around the full moon.

Moon Cycles

It takes the moon between 28-29 days to go through its phases, and on average, every month has a full moon. NASA provides a great daily moon guide that you can use to track the moon cycles. Of the four moon cycles (new moon, first quarter, full, last quarter) the full moon is the one that I have always noticed changes in both my patients and my own personal life.

Emotional Enhancement

On a personal note, I have always experienced emotional changes during full moon cycles. The moon is known to have its largest energy pull during the full moon cycle and this may manifest in different ways. For some it stirs up anxiety and tension, in others it creates an abundance of energy (I fall into this category). The way I can best sum it up is that I always notice emotional enhancement.

For example, if I am having an “emotinally off” day, then the day is exaggerated. Conversely, if I am mindful of the moon and make efforts, through meditation, and gentle movement to cultivate a mindset of stillness, then those feelings of calm and serenity are brought to the forefront.

I think it is prudent practice to keep track of your moods on the full moon – put a note in your calendar and try to be gentle, accepting, and perhaps even prophylactic in your stress management. If you are prone to anxiety, use the full moon day to set aside some extra time for yourself and mindful practices. If you are one who is more high-energy, do not overbook on the full moon, simplify your schedule, and channel your energy into thoughtful workouts that are in alignment with your mood.


The lunar cycle drives many athletes to align their workout and wellness practices with the cycles of the moon. Some will use the extra energy boost to take their athletic prowess to the next level, others may find they need to specifically ground.

In the practice of yoga, many yogis will have a specific practice on the full moon, or even forego yoga all together. Conventional recommendations are to take time to focus on grounding, on cleansing, and centering your mind and body.

AWH Approach

While this is not official science, I have noticed a change in my attitude and approach to full moon days. I use the knowledge of emotional enhancement to intentially cultivate the day that I want. I will harness my extra energy into a grounding practice. I will be mindful of what I eat, when I goto sleep, and what I allow in my headspace. I have found full moons to be incredibly restorative – and some of my best sleep all month. I encourage you to try to find your own balance with the moon’s cycle.

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