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September 30, 2023

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“Reiki is therapy without talking and a massage without touch.”

~Amanda Ward

We live in abundant times. A state of constant, vapid accessibility, which can easily leave you feeling burned out and empty. Couple mental fatigue with a real ailment and you most likely will find yourself craving healing. Instead of reaching or pursuing your normal avenues, I propose the consideration of a modality that albeit old, might be new to you … Reiki Therapy.

My research interests lie not in the new, but instead reverting back to tried and true practices that have sustained civilization. Complementary and Alternative Medicine encompasses many beneficial practices, however when I am at my lowest and truly need a reset, I turn to reiki therapy. Here is a brief explanation why:


While I love a therapeutic massage, sometimes you might feel exhausted, or sensitive to touch. Massages can be comforable, but they also can border discomfort, especially when working out trigger points.


I have had both positive and negative experiences with therapy, however I do think it is beneficial for many depending on your circumstances. With that being said, sometimes you might feel talked out.


Acupuncture is a modality I have extensively studied, and written publications on, however as beneficial as acupuncture can be, it too, can sometimes trigger moments of discomfort. Granted sometimes, you want to talk things out, or you want that solid massage, but if you find yourself in a vulnerable, sensitive state, then I encourage you to explore a reiki session.


Reiki Therapy

Enter Reiki Therapy, an ancient modality over 2500 years old. I was first introduced to reiki after a break up. I truly credit it (over therapy, massage, etc.) to heal both my head and most importantly, heart.

The first session was transformative. I could feel the energy shift. I saw colors from the chakra alignment, and I left feeling more relaxed than I had ever felt, and yet the provider had barely laid her hands on me. Plus, you have the option to remain fully clothed. Immediately I knew this was the missing piece to my health arsenal.

I booked my next session for the following week, and continued this practice until I reached a point of maintenance, which I have maintained for years. About every 6 months to 1 year I will start to feel the same stressors popping up. I immediately call and book my reiki session and an hour later I am back into my normal, peaceful flow state.

Under the guidance of a Reiki Master they shift your energy is shifted, your mind calmed and this process can alleviate stress in your body. Treatments may involve light touch, no touch, or simply the placement of crystals or natural stones on areas needing reinforcement. Reiki is so powerful that it can also be performed through a virtual consult, your practitioner does not even need to be in the same room with you. Additionally, it is a modality that can be used with children. 

Reiki massage therapy table

As with any serious medical condition, please do not hesitate to reach out to your physician. However, if you find yourself stressed, dealing with a chronic ailment, or just feeling out of balance then I encourage you to seek a Non-Western approach to healing. There is an arsenal of ancient modalities that are scientifically proven and have passed the test of time. For those reasons, and those listed above, reiki therapy is at the top of my list.

in good health,
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