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September 21, 2023

I’m Amanda.
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While I am a big believer in sourcing nutrients from real food, there are some supplements that I find enhance my life. As always, please consult with your personal physician to discuss any supplement additions or changes. The following are what I personally endorse as they work for my body:


Seed Probiotic: For over a decade I have taken probiotics, and have literally tried every clean product on the market. Seed was a game-changer for my gut health. It helped with bloating, my skin felt more radiant, and I especially appreciate that the formulation does not require refrigeration – which makes it an easy travel companion.


BioOptimizer Magnesium: As a magnesium devotee I will dedicate a separate post to this mineral, it is that powerful. Our bodies are naturally deficient in magnesium, and this supplement supports so many aspects of your overall health: regulates nerve function, provides digestive support, sleep/stress support, I could go on. A few tips: start small as magnesium is a natural relaxant and will relax – your whole body😉 I adjust my dosage depending on the stress of the day.


LMNT Salt Packs: Game changer! I was introduced to these during my postpartum journey. I have always been an avid water drinker, but did not realize the importance of salt supplementation until I started a morning fluid challenge with these packs. They transformed my overall health, providing me with more sustained energy during the day, helped my milk supply while nursing, and has allowed me to avoid the “afternoon slump.” I start my day with one pack in 24oz of water (it’s my “sweet spot”, although you will find what dilution works best for you). I then follow with another 8oz glass of water and boom, one liter in before the day even begins. I always have these packs on an empty stomach, first thing, before I eat or drink anything else (pro tip – hydrate before your dehydrate with caffeine). Use the link here for a free pack.


Cymbiotika B12 and Vitamin D3 +K2 + CoQ10: This powerhouse combination works synergistically to provide a natural energy boost and immune support. While expensive, I consider the integrity and quality of ingredients my top consideration. I am investing in my future self, and to me, good health, is priceless.

I noticed a significant change in my mood and energy throughout the day taking both of these supplements together. They taste delicious, do not need refrigeration (travel easily), and the highs/lows I used to experience during the day have now dissipated. I am more balanced.

B12 is a supplement I have taken for years as part of my plant-based diet. However, the additional of the Vitamin D3 + K2 + CoQ10 was a new to me. It improves bone strength, mental clarity, while increasing energy levels. This is not a “caffeine” induced energy, rather, I feel more at ease in my own body – a balanced, natural energy that has existed since childhood, but gets dampened by the stressors of adult life. That is my best way to describe how I feel taking these two supplements together.

Final considerations

These are the two steps I follow when reviewing a new supplement:

  1. Look at the product and ask:
    • Who is making and sourcing this product?
    • What do they have to gain?
    • Is this company in alignment with my own personal beliefs?
  2. Look at the ingredients in whatever vitamins or supplements you choose to take.
    • For example, vitamins in a gummy form usually contain gelatin ( which is animal collagen – broken down skin, bones and cartilage from animals), cornstarch and sugar to create the gummy exterior. 
    • Pills in capsule form are also usually made from gelatin.This is why I love Cymbiotika’s liposomal delivery. It is a clean product all the way through distribution and absorption into my body. 
    • You may be comfortable with the added ingredients, or perhaps not.
    • The most important thing is to be informed by what you are putting in your body. 

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I only share products that I personally own, use and love. 

in good health,
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