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January 4, 2024

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Welcome to 2024!

As we kick off January with perhaps new resolutions or goals in mind, I want to first encourage you to focus on organization. An organized, planned year is one that provides a blueprint to follow. Below are the three resources I will be using to stay on track:

Emily Ley Dapper DeskDapperDesk planner in blue

This is the planner that I am using this year. I love all 0f Emily Ley’s organizational products. Clean lines, simple to use, intuitive, and they come in alluring color and pattern selections. Last year I used the Simplified Planner, and really enjoyed the process. However, this year I wanted something a little more streamlined for my personal needs, which is why I used the Dapper Desk, weekly planner (it comes in two colors and other options for week vs. day).

AWH: To get really specific, I use this planner for our family. It keeps track of our nanny schedules, family vacations, I write out weekly meal preps, to-do lists, etc. I feel most organized when I take a few minutes on Sunday to sit down and plan out my week. I keep this planner at home – either in our kitchen desk or my home office.

Louis Vuitton Planner 

I absolutely love my Louis Vuitton planner and use it daily. I would be lost without it, as I have used this planner, every day, for over a decade. While an initial investment, it easily pays for itself when you consider the longevity of the product.

Every year around September I order “next years” insert so come December/January I am good to go. Louis Vuitton paper always comes up with fun, quirky themes for each year, they include stickers to hi-light important dates, and I especially appreciate the planner size (in my case I use the Small Ring). It easily fits in any of my purses, my scrub jacket pocket at work, etc. Plus, since it is a nicer planner, it makes me feel more luxurious every time I open it, and also I am less likely to lose or leave behind. An added bonus you can get it monogrammed!

Louis Vuitton planner pages AWH: I use this planner daily. It travels with me to work, appointments, on vacations, etc. I personally use the weekly agenda, so I can see my week in a snapshot. Just enough space to write out my work schedule, any meetings I have scheduled, activities for my daughter, etc.

Jesse Itzler’s Big Calendar 2024

I am the most excited about Jesse’s BIG calendar this year. I have never followed a system where you have the entire year written out at once. It is both daunting and yet humbling to see all 365 in print.

The year is not as long as you think … and when you see the blank spaces start to fill up with holidays, birthdays, etc. you realize there is not as much time as you might think to accomplish your goals.

Jesse has an entire system to follow when approaching a new year. I am about 75% there. I have selected my misogi (which is going to be AWH focused – super excited), and am working on my 4 “Kevin’s rules.” ~watch Jesse’s lecture to learn more!

Cheers to a new year, and new organizational systems!


in good health,
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