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February Feng Shui

January 31, 2024

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As we soon enter February, the month most associated with love, let me share some of my tips to cultivate a healthy relationship using Feng Shui.

Full disclosure: I am NOT a Feng Shui expert nor am I a certified practitioner. However – – – I love to research, and Eastern modalities are something I have long studied, so the transition to understanding Fengu Shui was a natural one.

My first real introduction came during my Health Coaching course at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. A phenomenal course (and one I would love to discuss if you are interested). I then took one of Tisha Morris’s Feng Shui Your Life course and that opened my eyes to this practice and the power it can have over your home.

Feng Shui Backstory

Years ago, when a serious relationship of mine ended, I found myself desperate for a fresh start to the new year. I used what I had learned through these introductions, along with my own research, and implemented the following practices into my life.  Specifically, I wanted to create a home environment that would attract, and help me, cultivate a loving relationship.

As the irony, and beauty of life unfolded, I met my future husband a month later. Luck, fate; divine intervention … I will let you be the judge.

The Bedroom Edit

The following are tips that apply to both coupled relationships as well as singles hoping to attract love.

  1. Have a clean, organized space – no clutter.
  2. Be intentional with your art. If you do have art make sure it is paired … you are trying to evoke a message of “together,” of a pair, and eliminate any art that is singular in nature. Ideally, select art that reflects love (birds or calm scenes).
  3. No water images as water puts out “fire” – the element most associated with a bedroom space.
  4. Place your bed in the proper direction.
  5. Always have fresh linen.
  6. Have fresh flowers – always in a pair. When flowers die, dispose of them.
  7. Do not have pictures of your family, your children, your pets. Your bedroom should only have photographs of you and whomever you share your bedroom with.
  8. No television! A television “invites” others into your personal space. Not to mention it is a known sleep disrupter.
  9. Have symmetry with your furniture … example if you have a bedside table on your side, you should have a paring on the other.
  10. Do not retain anything from an “ex” in your bedroom. It will keep you emotionally attached to a relationship that has ended.
  11. Soft light … switch out LED lights and limit overhead light. Try to opt for soft, warm, lamp light.
  12. Subtle color … pinks/reds are known for bringing romance to a space. Even married couples could benefit from small elements of pink or red in their bedroom.
  13. Have a sturdy headboard on your bed. It is grounding, will help you feel settled, and likewise will translate to more powerful sleep.
  14. Keep work out of the bedroom – all work. Books, tablets, papers, cell phones (if you can). Electronics are distracting and they can easily slip you into a work mindset and away from a relaxation, happy, loving mindset.

Additional tip for singles: Keep one drawer empty.

  • Think about it – when you do meet someone you want to make sure you have “physical space” for that person. If you do not have physical space, then it will be that much harder to create emotional space as well.
  • There is psychology at play here – an open heart – a truly open heart, would have no problem creating an open drawer. Only you know that you have an open space at home. It is not public knowledge.
  • However, when you meet that “right” person then subconsciously you know you are ready. You “already” have the physical space for them in your life, and likewise you will find a way to make space for them in your calendar, and your heart.

I have seen the above strategy work not only in my own life, but in friends lives as well. Authenticity, in its purest form, will attract the right people to you. If your bedroom is aligned, organized, purposeful it will create contentment, a sense of security and peace that will permeate into your soul. Others will be able to pick up on that inner happiness. It will be an attractive quality that will hopefully attract whomever you are seeking.

Final word, be patient and enjoy whatever stage of life, and love, that you are in. I spent my 20’s and 30’s single and would not trade those decades for the world. They were wonderful! A growth period where I expanded my professional career, got to take some incredible trips around the world, cultivated relationships with friends, and spent quality time with family.

Mother Theresa summarizes it best: “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”

Cheers to love. I am rooting for you!

The day after we got engaged in Santa Fe, NM

in good health,
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